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What is CBD?

What is CBD, and how can I use it?

🌱 Does CBD come from "marijuana" and can it get me high?

💚 No. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of hundreds of chemicals found in hemp and many other plants. CBD products are legal because they do NOT contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound found in cannabis that is responsible for the psychoactive or "high" effect. We've all known for years there are many, MANY benefits found naturally in plants that can help with everyday life. It's only been recently that it's been legal to grow/cultivate/extract from hemp, due to its association with THC.

🌱 Ok, so what's it good for?

💚 Most popularly, many people use CBD for it's anti-inflammatory benefits and pain management. This is the sort of thing we always knew was possible with hemp, but until recently never had access to without THC. Many people use it orally to manage anxiety, as well as topically for pain relief and muscle relaxation.

🌱 Why does it cost so much?

💚 The industry of pure, non psychoactive hemp is a brand new one. It's been as recently as the 2018 farm bill that it has been fully legal and easy to regulate. There are thousands of "CBD" products on the marketplace today, both in stores and online. Unfortunately many of these products use a hemp seed oil, or a hemp extract which is not formulated with CBD as the main building block of the ingredients.

🌱 So what is CBD?

💚 CBD is found naturally in everything from echinacea, to black truffles and cacao. It's been a part of everyday consumption for years. Pure CBD products are a formulation of hemp derived CBD that is the easiest to grow and cultivate in bulk, and offers the purest form of pharmaceutical grade CBD. The best way to look at a product like ours is that it's a potent, pure CBD, that's derived from the plant that has the most: hemp. All of our products are THC free, leaving only the pure, natural CBD.

🌱 What is the oil and other ingredients?

💚 Eables™ CBD decided on medium-chain triglycerides or "MCT" oil derived from coconut oil to be the carrier oil in our product. Many people take MCT oil on a daily basis with their morning coffee for its weight loss/metabolism management benefits. MCT coconut oil works well as a topical oil as well. We've added an organic peppermint oil to our product for taste, to help mask the strong botanical flavor. That's because without it, our oil would taste like what it is: pure, botanical CBD.

If you have experience using #CBD, drop us a comment below! And feel free to ask any other questions you might have.

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