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Our Story

Eables CBD Story


A year ago, I was searching for something to help my wife with her chronic migraines. We had tried it all. OTC migraine meds, staying hydrated, essential oils, and even some other CBD brands.

Nothing seemed to make a difference. 

Until we tried this formulation and extraction. After watching her get the pain under control and no longer be held down by migraines, I knew that I had to find a way to bring this to market.

I hope this product does for you what it's done for me, my wife, and many others: help you manage. Life's a storm, and whether the clouds are pain, anxiety, inflammation, trouble sleeping, or even a pet that's a monster sometimes, I think this will help.

No. The name Eables doesn't mean anything. Yet. But I'm confident that Eables CBD can deliver the same life-changing results for you that it did for my wife and many others. Soon enough, the name Eables CBD will be synonymous with relaxation, relief, and a trustworthy name in consumer hemp products.



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